Welcome to the application hub for Reliant and H2O OSU Columbus! We are excited you are here. Whether you are planning a short-term internship, a long-term residency, or a career in ministry, we look forward to supporting you together in your journey.

Here are a couple of quick thoughts to help you through the assessment process:

In this application, you will go through a series of stages:

  1. Application - This is the initial application for Reliant.
  2. Ministry Assessment - This assesses your readiness for your ministry role.
  3. Moral Conduct - This assesses your emotional and character-based readiness for a role in ministry.
  4. Local Interview - In this phase, you will do an interview with your church leadership.
  5. Reliant Review - Reliant will review all the pieces of your application and create a summary to discuss with your local church.
  6. Decision/Discernment - Reliant and your church will come together to make an employment decision.
  7. Provisionally Accepted - If you are accepted onto staff, you will have the opportunity to accept your offer, if desired.
  8. Onboarding - This will include online (and potentially in-person) training and HR paperwork. This is designed to prepare you to become a Reliant employee, as well as ready you to raise financial support.

Note: Once you begin a questionnaire within a stage, you will need to complete that stage fully. You are not able to save within a stage. Please set aside ample time to complete each stage.

When you are ready, click on the "Apply to a Position" button to get started.